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“Discover how you can lead with authenticity, power and influence to engage and mobilize yourself and others for performance, innovation, and exceptional service generating outstanding results.”
“Learn what leadership factors influence engagement and produce excellent outcomes creating a feeling of wellbeing for all stakeholders.”
As former founder and President of a Fortune 500 subsidiary company, I had my share of performance anxiety. My entrepreneurial company was expected to achieve high profit and growth goals in order to justify capital investment.  We had to be highly engaged, focused and motivated in order to meet this challenge, otherwise we might cease to exist. I focused on leadership mastery to create, inspire and mobilize a high powered work team. I learned there are four important factors that must be present in order to engage others:
*     Trust through authentic leadership
*      Clear and focused direction
*      Utilization of strengths and talents
*      Balanced and healthy environment
The results were that we repeatedly reached double digit profit and revenue goals and accomplished what seemed to be the impossible. In addition, I felt less anxiety and more peace and wellbeing within me.  My team also experienced health in spite of the performance pressure.
Having reached the pinnacle of my success in corporate life, I am now helping others reach theirs. My desire is that you experience a leadership journey that will result in high performance, achievement and fulfillment whether it be for you and your organization, team, group or your family.  
Some interesting facts on engagement in the workplace
Research done at Harvard (David B.Yoffie, 2000) revealed the outcomes of three commonly used strategies to sustain the competitive edge:
*      Price gets you 60 days edge over the competition
*      Operational and technical expertise gets you 3 years
*      An engaged workforce results in over 7 years
Engaging your workforce may seem like a simple solution to achieving demanding goals and sustaining a competitive edge. However, there is a major challenge involved with this solution. According to studies that are performed annually by the Gallup Organization (Gallup, Sept, 2007), on an average:
*      26% of employees are engaged. passionate, innovative, and connected to their company.
*      56% are not engaged. putting time in without energy or passion.
*      18% are actively disengaged. unhappy, spreading discord and discontent.
Now, if an engaged workforce is the key to sustaining a competitive edge and only 26% of employees on the average in all organizations are engaged, “What percentage of your team or workforce is engaged and how will you achieve your goals and sustain the competitive edge in a chaotic market place?”