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I had the privilege of sharing the podium with Joan Starkowsky at a conference on Executive Coaching sponsored by the Gestalt Center for Organization and Systems Development.  I found her story compelling and the presentation to have been beautifully crafted and engaging.
Jamie K. Stoller, M.D.
Executive Director, Physician Leadership Development
I was a student in the International Gestalt Coaching Program when I first met Joan, who was the guest executive speaker to our graduating class.  Joan's model of leadership and coaching was powerful.  The many examples she shared with us through her own personal development impacted me personally.  I learned the significance of "followership" when leading competent teams.

Joan's wonderful use of humor as she shared her experiences with how her horses taught her to be an effective leader were extraordinary.  She is humble, strong, vulnerable, direct, tough, and one of the most caring leaders in her industry.  I could have listened to her leadership lessons for two more hours.

It's not often that a leader shares their leadership lessons.  Joan's honesty and courage with her team made me envious of all those who work with Joan.  She clearly is committed to creating an environment where people can do their very best work.   She not only walks the talk, she provides solid ground for her followers to walk with confidence and leadership competence.
Geri Grossman
My Executive Coach
I am pleased to recommend Joan to you.  She is an engaging, entertaining and informative speaker.  Joan speaks from the heart.  You will not be disappointed.
Melinda Schumacher, MD
Coaching and Consulting
Joan is a powerful presence that brings integrity and expertise into any organization! Her ability to use methodologies and successful strategies increases performance, productivity and profitability in any venue.
Jerry Beck
Marketing Director
Joan Starkowsky, in her role as a business consultant to the Millennial Group, has helped the partners focus on what drives and motivates us to serve our clients. She has helped us refocus our efforts and have a mission-based service model that allows us to pursue our business and serving our clients with excellence.  

Her appreciative inquiry style of consulting, which focuses on what we do well and how we can make it better is a refreshing approach. One of the things that we appreciate most about Joan is, as a business leader herself, she is not talking just in theory about what we do and how we do it. She has lived this in
her role as president of a division of a major corporation -- and understands the human resources, operations and finance issues related to actually running a successful business. She has helped us engage our entire team in the process. Our team feels a pride of authorship and ownership over our mission and vision. She has also helped us with tools to help put the right team members in the right place, so that we can hire effectively and utilize the skills and gifts of each team member to accomplish our goals.
Jess W. Hurst II, CFP
The Millennial Group
Joan Starkowsky is a professional of excellence who has successfully carried the mantle of business leadership.  It is her proven excellence that allows her to know how to coach and consult to leaders who are looking to succeed in today's business environment. 
Dorothy E. Siminovitch, Ph.D., MCC
Executive Coaching and Program Chairperson
International Gestalt Coaching Program
Gestalt Center for Organization and Systems Development
I engaged Sirocco Coach-Consulting to provide me with a personality assessment and evaluation.  The process was thorough and most importantly extremely helpful for me personally and professionally.  
I obtained a better awareness of my communication style and how I receive communication from others.  Further, I gained clarity as to what type of social or work environment suits me best.  I feel more individuals and businesses should invest in this type of analysis.   
Sirocco Coach-Consulting provided me with an extremely professional and valuable service.
Sanford C. Trado, CPA
True North Financial Group, LLC

Joan's ability to help you realize your own goals, abilities, and purpose and give you direction based on that internal drive is truly unique and extremely valuable. I would highly recommend Joan to anyone seeking guidance on their career path. Joan was wonderful, inspiring, and empowering to work with. Please feel free to contact me about any questions on her excellent work.

Emily Wengel

Research & Development

Equine Assisted Coaching
My work with Joan and Sirocco helped me connect authentically with myself and supported me to become aware of how I keep myself from owning my power.  Paradoxically, this realization helped me to own more of my power at work and in life.
Laurie Zuckerman
President & Consultant
Zuckerman Consulting Group, Inc.
Even when I arrived at the barn, I was still somewhat suspect about equine assisted coaching. After I chose my horse Joan asked me several thought provoking questions as she observed the horse's movements.
...Standing in front of the horse, I felt a profound sadness. I was amazed to realize the horse was mirroring the deep sadness in my own heart and soul.  I cried like an untapped faucet, while the horse lovingly kept her head by my shoulder...It was like a thousand pounds was lifted off me that may have taken years to release in conventional therapy.
Mary Ellen Garofalo, RN, BA, CRRN, SPHR
Clinical Liaison Program Director/
Rehabilitation Specialist