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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains


“Captivate and inspire your audience with unique and transforming messages around engaging others with authentic leadership and learn why leading in an authentic way creates high energy and results.”
“Find out what produces trust and respect and how authentic connection to self and others creates engagement.”
You and your participants will learn through presentation, humorous stories and exercises:
*      Essential factors that must be present for people to follow your leadership
*      How to generate focused energy and high performance in yourself and others
*      The definition of authentic leadership
*      The difference between leading with authenticity and leading in persona
*      How to attract the right people to support your vision and the journey to get there
*      Awareness, acknowledgement and action through use of the The State of Being Model 
*      How congruence in language, body and emotion builds trust and creates health and well being
*      The significance of contact and strategic communication in building relationships and high powered teams
*      How to retain boundaries and convictions with “backbone and heart”
*      The importance of being inner directed versus outer directed
*      Listen to your inner voice and develop intuition as another power tool
*      How to maximize the gifts and talents of others

We are offering a powerful Special Report valued at $75.00 for only $59.00 entitled, “THE LEADER'S JOURNEY: COMMUNICATE TO BUILD TRUST AND INSPIRE ENGAGEMENT.”
In this Special Report you will find out:
*      What is 5 times more effective in getting your message across than the words you are speaking.
*      What will make the hearer disbelieve you, even if you are telling the truth!
*      What makes up 55% of the message your listener receives, and it has nothing to do with the words you choose.
*      What role your voice plays in communicating.
*      How to control your voice to become a powerful communicator.
Go to the "CONTACT US" Page to request your copy or email joan@siroccocc.com.   Here’s to your success!