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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Seeking Direction & Career

"Choose a direction or career in which you can excel, experience lasting satisfaction and find fulfillment"

"Discover your unique purpose, abilities and goals and find direction based on your heart's desires"

"Align job opportunities with a work personality baseline, so you can find joy in going to work each day versus making yourself fit into a job that saps your energy, morale and self confidence"

In our coaching sessions we will help you:

*      Identify your strengths and examine their utilization in the past while exploring their application
 in the present and future

*      Discover your personal mission, vision, purpose and values for passion and energy

*      Review past volunteer, job and social experiences to find those factors that bring you joy and satisfaction

*      Create a work personality baseline in which you can compare job opportunities to your work personality and determine their fit

*      Connect to your mind, body and emotions through the "State of Being Model" to determine the authenticity of the elements in
the work personality baseline.

*      Determine whether any further training or education is needed for you to pursue your desired career path or direction

*      Develop a simple instrument to compare your work personality baseline to actual job opportunities

*      Practice making compelling presentations with confidence to prospective employers using the work personality baseline information and articulate communication skills

*    Develop and implement a career search strategy focused on chosen target areas that fit your work personality profile and direction