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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Leading with Horses


“Accelerate and retain your learning with an innovative coaching process that utilizes horses whose survival depends on leadership, relationship and teamwork.”
“Experiment with new approaches that expand your personal power, presence, communication skills, emotional and energetic awareness, health and increase connection to yourself and others.”
Equine assisted coaching is experiential learning through the use of horses as partners in a safe learning environment.  It is used with non horse people, as well as horse people.  The coaching process is done on the ground with a focus on leadership skills not riding or horsemanship. You will:
*      Embody the new learning through experience versus relying only on intellectual activity using a three ring binder reenacting familiar habit patterns soon after the event is over
*      Learn in a relaxed environment conducive to openness outside the confines of institutions and corporate or hotel conference rooms.
*      Receive honest feedback from a horse without judgment
Horses exemplify the essence of leadership in their herd behavior. They are prey animals who are highly sensitive to energy, emotions and the environment around them. They pick up on body changes such as breathing and muscle tension and act as a mirror to the human-being. Therefore, they are perfect partners to assist in your growth process. Working with a coach and a horse will help you:
*       Expand your presence and empower yourself
*      Connect with your true essence, purpose and values
*      Communicate authentically with mind, body and emotional coherence
*      Hold boundaries and stand on your convictions without disengaging from others
*      Establish trust, confidence and close relationships
*      Expand your energy, emotional connection and mental focus
*      Develop your right brain or emotional side to enhance your creative and innovative ability
*      Identify your gifts and talents and use them to make a difference
*      Speak your own truth without fear of rejection
*      Experience peace and harmony within yourself and reduce unhealthy stress
*      Listen to your inner voice and develop intuition as another power tool
*      Connect with your spiritual being