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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Leading Your Life and Health

“Discover how to take charge of your life in mind, body and spirit and experience the
powerful impact of Personal Leadership on your health and well-being.”

“Discover how your authentic self expression creates value and inspires others whether you are leading yourself, your family, an idea, cause, group or organization.”

“Learn the language of body talk to identify sources of Dis-ease and pain and replace them with new habit patterns that bring energy and joy to your life.”

*      Increase your energy, emotional connection and mental focus

*      Connect with your true essence, purpose and values

*      Listen to your body and act on what you hear

*      Learn the language of emotions and how they can inspire positive movement in life

*      Nourish your body with good nutrition and experience health and vitality

*      Change moods and emotions through body positioning

*      Build strength and endurance through an exercise routine that’s fun

*      Experience peace and harmony and reduce unhealthy stress

*      Identify your gifts and talents and live in passion

*      Break out of unhealthy habit patterns and replace guilt, remorse and anxiety with joy

*      Hold boundaries, stand on your convictions and live in your integrity

*      Establish trust and confidence in yourself

*      Expand your presence and empower yourself

*      Learn how to live in the present and feel the joy of “now”

*      Speak your own truth without fear of rejection

*      Become unified in mind, body and emotion

*      Listen to your inner voice and develop your intuition

*      Connect with your spiritual being