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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Leadership Consulting

“Engage your people and sustain a competitive edge in today’s market through dynamic innovation, productivity, and exceptional service.”
“Learn the critical success factors that inspire engagement and must be present for people to connect with you as a leader.”
We combine consulting with leadership coaching to expand your skills and produce expedient results. We have years of successful business and leadership experience that includes executive management, sales, marketing and operations management.  In our consulting sessions we will work together on:
*      Direction that is purpose driven and values led fostering emotional connection to the company
*      Creation of a compelling mission and vision that inspires people to take initiative and contribute
*       Clarification of core business strengths as well as the strategic fit of other business initiatives to determine what business you are in.
*      Values and guiding principles providing identity and a baseline for attracting and retaining engaged employees
*      Leader communication that brings trust, compassion, stability and hope to others
*      Senior leadership team unity and effectiveness to mobilize the workforce
*       Cultural strengths, challenges and improvement opportunities to increase the competitive edge in the market place
*      Job profiles to place people in the right jobs capitalizing on gifts and talents to inspire passion and results.
*      Leadership selection to meet specific strategic objectives such as innovation or operational efficiency
*      Development of high powered work teams that respect diversity to achieve excellent outcomes.
To request a Free One Hour Consult, go to the “Contact Us” page, email joan@siroccocc.com or call 440 338-1547.   Here’s to Your Success!