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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Leader's Journey

“Become the powerful leader you were meant to be and build an organization, team or group based on trust, confidence, vision and purpose.”
“Discover how your authentic self expression creates value and inspires others to follow with energy and passion.”
Choose a coach who truly understands the business world and combines extensive business, leadership and coaching experience to help you grow and achieve on your Leader's Journey.  In our individual and group coaching sessions you will learn how to:
*      Connect with your true essence, purpose and values and stay in your own integrity
*      Communicate with power and influence to create trust and mobilize others
*      Identify your gifts and talents as well your challenges and learn to ask for help
*      Orchestrate high powered work-teams and manage conflict as well as talent
*      Respect and utilize the gifts and talents of others to create a powerful “whole”
*      Develop your right brain or emotional side to enhance your creative and innovative ability and connection to others
*      Reflect and replicate patterns of success and learn from failure
*      Navigate through difficult times with courage, endurance and growth
*      Hold boundaries and stand on your convictions without disengaging from others
*      Create strategic partnerships that are balanced and effective
*      Expand your presence and empower yourself and others
*      Establish trust, confidence and close relationships
*      Communicate authentically with mind, body and emotional coherence
*      Expand your energy, emotional connection and mental focus
*      Experience peace and harmony within yourself and reduce unhealthy stress
*      Listen to your inner voice and develop intuition as another power tool
*      Connect with your spiritual being
For a limited time only, we will be offering an introductory 25 minute leadership coaching session for free entitled, “LEADERSHIP THAT GETS RESULTS.” 
In this powerful session you will leave with:
*      Written empowering leadership goals
*      More focus and clarity on leadership success factors that drive results
*      A new awareness of what it takes to inspire and mobilize others
*      A renewed sense of energy for yourself to move to a next step action plan for achieving your goals.
Call (440) 338-1547 or email joan@siroccocc.com to reserve your spot. There are only a few left. Here’s to your success!