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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Connect with Your Horse (New)

Take charge of your mind, body and emotions and develop a close connection with your horse that will create limitless possibilities for success and enjoyment 

Develop attitudes, beliefs and skills that build self confidence and enrich your way of seeing yourself and your horse

Equine assisted coaching is experiential learning through the use of horses as partners in a safe learning environment. The coaching process is done with a focus on you, the leader of your horse, not riding or horsemanship.  It is done on the ground and /or in the saddle.

In our sessions we will help you:

*      Examine and change your self-perception

*      Learn to rely on your inner self and attract your horse

*      Balance your energy and increase your emotional connection and mental focus

*      Communicate in an authentic way

*      Hold boundaries and live in your integrity

*      Become aware of your inner talk and how it affects your performance

*      Learn to focus on the present

*      Train yourself to make empowering statements and visualize success

*      Overcome obstacles or distractions and see your goals attained