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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

About Us


“You are about to discover how to lead yourself and others through difficult times with courage and endurance and come out of it with learning, success and fulfillment.”
Find out how to create positive change and thrive with innovation and growth versus survive with defensive and self protecting behavior that comes when feeling victimized and frozen with fear.
The storms of life are usually a sign that it is time for change and growth. Since we know that adversity is a teacher, we named our company after a powerful storm. A Sirocco is a Mediterranean wind that originates in the Arabian or Sahara deserts and reaches hurricane speeds in Southern Europe. It is a dusty moist oppressive wind that is known to cause headaches, insomnia and other health problems. However, we use these storms of life as a guide towards greater inner growth and wisdom.   We would be honored to support you on this journey through coaching, consulting, speaking, workshops or leadership retreats. 
In appreciation for visiting our website, we are offering you a FREE Special Report entitled, "THE LEADER'S JOURNEY: RESOLVE CONFLICT AND CREATE POSITIVE CHANGE,” a $79.00 Value at No Charge!
Learn how to “Calm the Storms of Conflict,"and: 

*      Achieve a greater sense of over-all peace, confidence and integrity.

*      Come to a better understanding of the causes of conflict in our lives.

*      Learn to recognize, prevent and resolve conflict quickly and effectively.

*      Deepen “connection” with colleagues, family, friends and even total strangers.

*      Improve relationships with those who are most important in your life.


Sign up for "Special Articles and Information" and get your free copy or email joan@siroccocc.com.  Here's to peace and success!